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“No excuses, no shortcuts,  no regrets” is Gary’s philosophy. “I was raised by my parents and taught by my coaches to do everything I could to get to where I wanted to be.”


His powerful work ethic, instilled at an early age, has seen Gary go on to enjoy a hugely successful playing career with Manchester United, before coaching roles with the England national side and Valencia in Spain. After hanging up his boots, Gary became a prominent broadcaster, football club owner and entrepreneur.

“He worked” said his long time boss Sir Alex Ferguson of Gary. “He practised. He had an incredible determination, and that has made him what he is today.”





“You have to have the courage to go with your instincts sometimes, even when there is great risk. That for me is entrepreneurship.”

Having been in property development from a young age and starting his first business in 2005, Gary went on to establish numerous ventures across various industries and in 2015, created ‘Relentless’ to encompass his vision and values under one, innovative brand.

“Relentless” is my favourite word and sums up my approach to life, business, everything really. The businesses are all different, with their own ways of doing things, their own cultures, visions and values, but Relentless is there within the fabric of each.”

Whilst there has been much to celebrate, not every undertaking has been a success. Gary’s restaurant, Rabbit In The Moon and cocktail bar Mahiki, an offshoot of the bar in London’s Mayfair, both closed in 2018, but Gary sees this as part of the challenge.

He had the same attitude when he came under intense criticism in 2017 for the first phase of plans for the St. Michael’s development which were met with strong objections in Manchester.

“We didn’t shy away from these mistakes and engaged openly with critics,” said Gary. “Through these consultations we found overwhelming support for the new designs and with planning permission achieved, we now start construction in earnest. It’s a huge project with huge responsibility, but one which will improve Manchester, a city I love.”

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