Gary forms part of group launching their ‘Saving The Beautiful Game’ manifesto.

The group of eight people, including Greater Manchester Mayor, Andy Burnham and former FA
Chairman, David Bernstein are not convinced that the FA can regulate itself, nor reform the
game effectively and so are pushing for the appointment of an independent regulator or
Commissioner of Football.
Speaking on the launch of the manifesto, Gary said:
“You don’t need to be inside the game to know that it’s not working properly at the moment.
Anybody can see that.
I thought it was time that something was done to change things, to correct the course of football
and so when I was contacted by David Bernstein, I jumped at the chance to be involved.”
Having played at the highest level of Club football, he played and coached for England and
now as a co-owner of League 2’s Salford City, previously if the National League, Gary has seen
Football at all levels.
“I want the Premier League to be the best in the world, but it cannot continue to grow and be
ever more lucrative whilst Clubs like Macclesfield Town and my hometown Club Bury cease to
There is more than enough money in the game but currently it is not being used as it should and
the measures are not there to ensure that Clubs are run effectively. It’s time for change.”