A warehouse revitalised

Jordan Street


Jordan Street, Castlefield, Manchester



About Jordan Street

4 Jordan Street was converted from a four-floor industrial mill at the foot of Deansgate into the headquarters for Zerum, Relentless’s development management arm.


It also became something of a social hub, entertainment and workspace for companies under the Relentless umbrella, and in 2017 was sold at a profit with Zerum remaining as a tenant.

“I liked the idea of being able to live around my work operations, remove the need to travel in traffic in rush hour or have to drive back up to Bolton when I returned to Manchester late from my work in London and so I bought No. 4 Jordan Street with this in mind,” says Gary.

“It was a social space, a live/work space, it had everything. Without question one of the best investments and ideas that I’ve had and actually enjoyed.”

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