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About PPS7

Buoyed by the success of these first forays into development, in 2010, and with an eye on creating a carbon-neutral environment, Gary began work on the experimental PPS7 project.

“The idea of zero-carbon homes was a bug that I caught,” says Gary.

“I love development and the idea of creating homes that were energy-efficient, environmentally friendly but still of stellar design really appealed to me. It was a development project, but in a new way with modern thinking and design.”

Plans were laid for a cluster of futuristic buildings in the rolling countryside outside Bolton, Lancashire. There were plans for wind turbines, thermal efficiency modelling and sourcing innovative materials. But as costs spiralled, the plans were parked. For now, at least.

“I’ll always be glad I carried this out as the lessons learned were invaluable and there is no shame in having a vision that was both groundbreaking and genuine but that couldn’t ultimately be realised.How else do we progress if we do not try?” reckons Gary.

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