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About E3 Creative

“We wanted to house everything order one roof for the brand, concepts and creative, so that we had a team who could live and breathe our projects, to understand us and what we wanted to achieve. So we decided to invest in an agency.”


Gary invested in digital agency e3creative in 2015 with his business partner Ged Tivey, with the company being led by founder Jake Welsh.

Alongside working on web projects for Relentless brands including Salford City FC and Hotel Football, it also provided digital campaigns and e-commerce sites for O2, Playstation and South Bank London.


“It was a strategic investment rather than targeting a specific return,” says Gary. “I cannot take any credit for the growth of it. We found an amazing guy in Jake and as such when the time came where we all assessed the situation, there were opportunities for him to take the business and himself on to bigger and grander things and I would never have stood in the way of that.”

The business was sold to Amsterdam-based agency Dept in 2019.

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