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About King Associates

“It was my first insight into business away from football. It was a culture shock, to be honest.”


King Associates was Gary’s first venture into the world of business, created when he was still playing for Manchester United.

“I had a friend, Paul Devine, who was looking to progress from the company that he was currently employed within. We had a discussion about starting our own business and we agreed that I’d put some seed money in and he’d bring the clients, projects and look after the operational side of things”.

The company started in 2005, with three members of staff in an office on Manchester’s King Street. It grew quickly to employ over twenty staff, moved to its own offices and was turning over in excess of £1.5m within a few years.

“Looking back, it was one of my most important lessons, how I had to learn to thrive outside of its walls of United, when that time eventually came.” says Gary.


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